Excursion to Japan

In July the Urban Lab of the UUA chair was invited to join six other universities in attending the International Asian Rim seminar organized by Saga University in Japan. Ten students from Eindhoven as well as professors Marcel Musch and Jochem Groenland stayed for eight days in the small town of Hizen-Hama-Shuku, which was the location of the project. 

Prior to the International Workshop in Hizen-Hama-Shuku, part of the Dutch team visited the Japanese cities Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. In preparation of the trip, students researched the Japanese concept of space and the Metabolist movement.

Tokyo, as seen from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

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Rotterdam Havenstad is no more and the westward move of the port has allowed for the city to reengage with its waters. DATAPOLIS is part of an urban intervention on Katendrecht that explores how Rotterdam could alternatively reengage with the water in former port areas.

Breaking the Shell

Everybody seems to have a memory or association with petrochemical sites like the Shell refinery in the Port of Rotterdam: once the biggest oil refinery in the world, still the biggest oil refinery in Europe. Can we unlock their hidden potential?

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